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Matte Faux Marble Granite Vinyl Wrap

Matte Faux Marble Granite Vinyl Wrap

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Unruly Upgrades presents the Matte Faux Marble Granite Vinyl Wrap. This pressure-activated adhesive allows you to slide and reposition the film until you apply firm pressure. It is flexible and durable, bonding to flat or curved surfaces once you apply heat.

This vinyl wrap can be applied to a variety of items, such as cell phones, laptops, drum sets, guitars, boats, and motorcycles. Colors may vary slightly from the picture due to different computer monitors and calibrations. Additionally, film colors can vary slightly from roll to roll.

Textured, metallic, pearl, and color flip films may have a directional characteristic in their appearance. For the best overall appearance, do not alternate between lengthwise and widthwise graphic panels. You may need to use a 3M primer 94 or other similar adhesion to help you if it is not sticky enough to your parts. Beware: Matte finishes can become permanently glossed when too much heat is applied during installation.

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