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LXUHP-207 225-265 options

LXUHP-207 225-265 options

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Introducing the Lexani LXUHP-207 225-265 options. This ultra high performance tire is designed to provide tight, sustained and consistent cornering and excellent performance at accelerated speeds in all dry conditions. With four longitudinal grooves providing efficient water channeling, and lateral “V” shaped grooves improving hydroplaning resistance and wet grip, you can be sure of a safe and reliable ride.

The LXUHP-207 225-265 options come in a size of 235/50R18, with a rim size of 18 inches, a section width of 235 millimeters, a tire aspect ratio of 50.0, a load index rating of 101.0, a speed rating of W, and a load capacity of 1819 pounds. The tread depth is 10 32nds, and the fit type is vehicle specific.

Experience the Lexani LXUHP-207 225-265 options for yourself and enjoy the ultimate in ultra high performance.

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