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Brand: Multi-Mile

Solar 4XS+ 195/70R14 91T

Solar 4XS+ 195/70R14 91T

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The Multi-Mile Solar 4XS+ 195/70R14 91T is a year-round tire with a 14-inch rim size, a section width of 195 millimeters, a tire aspect ratio of 70.0, a load index rating of 91.0, and a speed rating of T. It has a load capacity of 1356 pounds and a tread depth of 10 32nds.

This tire features circumferential grooves and wide lateral notches to help evacuate water and reduce hydroplaning. It is designed with a compound and construction to reduce rolling resistance and improve energy efficiency.

The Solar 4XS+ 195/70R14 91T is a universal fit tire that offers unparalleled quality and performance.

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