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Vicrez Vinyl Car Wrap Film Ultra Gloss Mist Blue

Vicrez Vinyl Car Wrap Film Ultra Gloss Mist Blue

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Vicrez Vinyl Wrap Pro Series offers a breathtaking color rendering that will get anyone's attention at any car show event. Vicrez Vinyl Wrap Car films allows to easily apply in the most difficult areas, and can stretch up to 300%, making the install process effortless. Application Use: Automotive (cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, etc), Watercraft (boats, yachts, etc), Architectural, Laptops, Cell phones, Furniture, etc. Engineered and tested by Vicrez. Our vinyl creates an enhanced distinctive look for your car with a whole new modern look, adding refinement and style that will make your car stand out from the crowd. You can choose from a wide variety of different colors, texture, patterns, and finishes adding a more desirable personalized enhanced look. It is recommended to have some basic knowledge on how to install Vinyl film wrap yourself before attempting installation. However, we always recommend professional installation for any of our products for a professional result.
  • Apply with ease to any smooth surface with only a heat gun and squeegee and allows repositioning without losing adhesive strength; the wrap easily sticks with pressure alone Film Thickness: 7.2 mil | Lifespan Durability: 4-6 Years Exterior / 8+ Years Interior
  • Up to 3x times ductility, stretch does not change color, does not break, and fits perfectly along large arc body surfaces Vicrez Vinyl Protects your Vehicle: Vicrez Vinyl is easily removable and does not damage your car paint after removal. It protects the OEM factory paint as new and keeps your vehicle resale value high
  • Restorable technology: Vicrez vinyl wrap restorable technology makes the installation process a lot easier and makes your vinyl project a lot of more cost effective. If for some reason your vinyl wrap becomes wrinkled during the installation process, it allows you to recover the wrinkled vinyl material just using a heat gun in the wrinkled area to restore its original condition


Brand: Vicrez

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